Thursday, 1 December 2011

Things to get on with

I am adamant about the finished quality and I dont want the interior to look like a long shopping trip at Halfords so I turned my mind to the gear and handbrake gaiters. I trawled the websites and mod shops but couldnt find anything on my line of thinking. Soooooo........ I got some genuine BMW italian leather items and set to work........

Some of the cars Ive seen have really limp looking leather in these areas so I went to the shed and dug out a gaiter from my old Porsche, it has a hard rubber liner for the Italian leather so I pulled it out and cut it down to meet the profile of the new Beemer item.........

Once I'd sorted that I inserted it into the leather and hey! A really sturdy looking high quality bit of kit. Then I set about making a threaded insert for the gearknob........

The results in my opinion are well worth 3-4 hours labour and will make it look loooooooaaaads better!
No plastic surrounds, clips or other malarky. (thank you BMW & Porsche for the inspiration)

1 comment:

  1. Leather looks brilliant mate! Definitely the right choice to get quality stuff.
    The small finishing touches can make a massive difference to the whole finished project.
    You can't lose your inspiration now? You've built an excellent car and you're nearly there! It's one of the best kit cars I've ever seen.
    There's a lot going on at the moment, but I'm sure when they settle down, you'll be back at it with the same previous passion.