Monday, 21 November 2011

Monster Munch!

Apart from the fact that I dropped the car on the jack and it munched and went straight through my brand new radiator Im stillreasonably chirpy......
BUT OK, so I'd already read many many peoples comments and blogs saying 'the last 5% of the build takes 95% of the time' but bugger me its true!! Ive been back round the car and re-routed a lot of wiring after reading many peoples IVA fail sheets. The good thing is that I am more experienced now than I was and when I looked at some of my wiring even I wouldnt have given it a pass. Now its sorted!

Im 42 yrs old and I rebuilt my first car at 15 yrs old, Ive rebuilt many more since but NEVER have I had to take my laptop over to it.............. very frustrating indeed. I tried to upload the OMEX start map and seem to have an RS232 and USB issue!!!! What has that got to do with anything petrol headed ???

NOT LONG NOW........(He hopes)

1 comment:

  1. Ahhhh man not the RS232 & USB issue!!! I was hoping you wouldn't get that, but I hope you can deal with it swiftly.
    Sorry to hear you dropped the car, is the radiator the only damage?
    I watched the 1st of the DVD's you sent me and really enjoyed it. The racing driver could do the 118 tv ad's but that's a different story.
    Take your time with the last few bits mate and ask for help when taking it off the lift. Wish I was there to help.