Monday, 7 November 2011

Oil pressure guage and fuse box

The ETB Digidash OPG needs an adaptor to fit the Zetec, when I got it I was concerned at the tightness of the thread so phoned ETB. They told me the nature of the thread is to seal the joint and so is designed this way and to only wind it in 4 or 5 turns...

So now its fitted in the Zetecs original location for what was the oil warning light. The good thing about this sensor is that it does both pressure and the warning light.

I'd been thinking a lot over the last few months of how to tidy all this wiring behind the dash. It took me a good hour of messing around and scratching my head about where it was all going to go and just before thinking 'Sod it Ive had enough' I came up with my own bracket...

I mocked it up as a pattern and it worked really well and was tempted to use the mock up (below) but that was me being lazy so I made a new one from the pattern/mock up, sorry I forgot to take a photo before fitting but its just a tidier version of the one below.

A very tidy and accessible solution and Im very pleased!

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