Thursday, 3 November 2011

Dash fitment

More work on the Digidash and got it all powered up and sorted some wiring issues with the premier loom. Basically the main beam switch had been wired to the dip relay resulting in no warning light.

Id trial fitted the actual dashboard and wasnt entirely happy with the fitting so having rivnutted the back panel I decided to use some plastic spacers to bring the dash forward a little

Then araldited them in place to save fiddling around

I marked one of the drill wholes on on one bottom corner and then on the other side I passed a rivot pin through the hole with tippex on it to get an accurate drill hole for this side

I had some problems with fuel guage reading reverse so removed the Smiths sender and sure enough it was the right resistance but read in the opposite direction. I modified the ETB sender to fit my tank using the suggested block connector. After removing the old one I made a sticky stick from fuel pipe and masking tape to remove any swarf from the tank

New sender now fitted

and dash now reads correctly. Next one was the brake light warning not coming on which was an easy fix. Although the handbrake switch looked like it was connecting with the handbrake in the off position it actually needed a little bit more so a couple of washers were placed and problem solved 

Nearly there now, dash needs a bit more adjustment and is then ready for final fitting which will happen when I've finished tidying things up behind the dashboard

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