Sunday, 4 December 2011

On and on and on.......

Well the ECU arrived back from Omex telling me everything I knew they would, ie it works and it works with my lead and my serial converter. They said they'd uplodaded a start up MAP for it and had geustimated the inlet allowance for my GSXR 1000 throttle bodies. So having had the VIN plate welded in by a mate I fueled the car (nervously) and set about trying to start it. I have good spark, I have fuel to the injector rail and I have air. So why wouldnt it start?!!!!! After a bit of fault finding with my mate Matt. I removed the fuel rail and cranked the engine and it seemed that not one of the injectors were firing, so in essence its looking like either a fuel rail or ECU problem. So tomorrow I'll be on the phone to Omex to see if  what they think.
OK so not the result I was after but  the crank position sensor and others are functioning so its not the end of the world. I know for a fact its going to start.

To add to the delay this weekend some new parts arrived, all of them the wrong bits even after explaining in detail over the phone what I needed. Well anyway my new wheels arrive on Monday so I got my faithful paint oven out to spray the wheelnuts black. I also trimmed, cut and trial fitted the stainless steel sill covers.

Chip Foose wont be jealous but this is my little paint oven :-)

Stainless sill covers needed quite a bit of trimming....

A notice for my workshop landlord or his gardener....

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