Monday, 5 December 2011


So after a few weeks of dissapointment and things not going well..... today she fired first time!! I took the injector loom off and tested them with a meter and all good, I wired a 9 volt battery to each injector and could hear them firing. So I was a bit lost but pleased at the same time as I knew that the wiring loom and injectors were good. It obiously meant fuel wasnt arriving at the the injectors which could only be mechanical.
I'd like to call this a school boy error and if I ever do it again I will but this is the first fuel injected engine Ive built and so its all a learning curve. Basically the fuel pressure reg was connected with the wrong hoses and as soon as I  changed them over and ran a line check I had fuel pi**ing out of the regulators union. I took it apart and saw the O ring was shot. I had a spare fuel rail dismantled it and swapped the O ring, tested it again and all good!! So next to connect the coil and see what happens..................................................... this is what happened!!    YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Emotional will just about cover it and I am back on form BIG TIME. In addition to this the black wheels arrived and really do add that final dimension to the build and final look. This could be the last update for a while because Lollys got a date now to be induced so I could be having the best week ever!!!!

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  1. Congratulations on the 1st engine start!!!
    Love the new wheels too, they really set it off.
    Good luck to you both for the new arrival.