Sunday, 1 April 2012

IVA Bits and bobs

I started work on some of the little fiddly jobs for the IVA test. I had a massive amount of vibration on the wing mirror when the car was on tick over so using the old wooden former that I made when shaping the scuttle I shaped two ali plates to fit inside the scuttle as reinforcement.....

The plates are about the size of envelope and have eliminated a hell of a lot of the vibration..

I then set about a lot of edging trim to suspect areas that the IVA man will check. The photo below is hard to see but there is a sharp edge between the fog lamp and the rear wing and this must be trimmed...

One that really amazes me is that you have to trim round the edges of the harnesses as they will also be radius tested..... crazy!!

Also the holes round the wishbones in the side panel have also received the same trimming attention

All in all not a bad afternoons work and a few jobs ticked off the list and looking at this photo I see I forgot to reattach the repeater wire ! lol

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