Monday, 30 April 2012

IVA Front lighting & Catch tank

I was going to wait 'til after IVA to fit the Dominator headlamps as I was concerned the beam pattern wouldnt pass IVA or MOT standards but having heard from a guy on SKCC that hes just passed IVA with them and at the same station I am going to so I decided to crack on. The dominators are smaller and more modern which suits the finish of my car. They are also much more streamlined than the old 'air brakes'.....

The wiring on the back is quite simple, sidelight can be wired either way and the headlight is black - earth, white - dip and yellow main beam.

The lamps also need a minor mod to create a 15 degree kick up on the beam pattern. To achieve this you need to dismantle the light unit....

Above you should be able to see a small cut out in the mounting rim.....

You then need to file another one approx 13mm to the right (when viewed from the front of the car)


Then reassemble and voila! 15 degrees of left kick up!

I also fitted a different catch tank, the last one was cylindrical and didnt fit so well. I now have a square one. I have run the crank case breather straight to the tank with a filter and have fitted a seperate filter to the camshaft breather, only because I had two smart filters otherwise I would have run both to the tank on a T-piece.

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