Saturday, 24 March 2012

1 step further!

Well as previously mentioned things have been slow but today I spent my time emptying my old workshop and moving the car to my new house. I have to say it was a great lift to see it again and start it up and drive it the short journey on to my mate Matts trailer. Matt works for Winner Group so if you ever need trailer or plant hire give him a shout!

Although Im annoyed its not yet completed I have to say it was amazing to see it out in the sunshine even though it was covered in dust.....

On to the trailer and away!

A bit of a posey shot at the bottom of my new garden....

and now all tucked up in the new workshop ready for me to get cracking and get her finished. A few questions for the lads on the forums and I'll have it all done. Got her booked in for the rolling road sesh then its IVA and away we go!!! :-)

Im so glad to have got it up here and reignite the need/desire to get it on the road!

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