Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tracking and exhaust

So I have a list of minor jobs (mmm) to do whilst prepping for IVA. I did the tracking today, I used some ribbon and a stapler to align the front wheels with the rears. Its quite simple, take a piece of ribbon or string and run it through the centre line of the rear wheels. Then staple it in to a proper piece of tread on the tyre, then run the ribbon to the front wheel and make sure there is no deviation on the line. Important to note befor you do this make sure you have the same left/right movement on the steering wheel. Once its all done adjust the steering whell mounting position.

The exhaust came back from GBS today with the CAT welded so I set about fitting that. 1 hours work I reckoned but not so. The GBS manifold really doesnt seem too keen on accepting the rest of the system so I walked away and will revisit it tomorrow.!

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  1. Looking good! Good luck with the exhaust tomorrow...