Saturday, 28 January 2012

Fog light and boot cover

Well BIG thanks to my mate Frampy we have finally got a Fog lamp that will work in accordance with the IVA rules. I still cant believe that this issue is one oif the most asked about things on all the forums. Its a friggin' nightmare!

I mentioned before how I'd fabricated a 3 piece rear boot cover panel
and was planning on fitting the GBS vinyl boot cover but at over £100 and whilst doing the sums for IVA/registration I came up with this............

Black leatherette £5 on ebay, contact adhesive £8......

Black rivets ebay £3......

Admiring your own work and saving big money......Priceless!!

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  1. Well, after no updates for a couple of weeks, I think you should push her out into the sunshine and take a load of finished pictures.
    Take them from every angle.
    Maybe get Lolly to do a small video of you ragging it through the village?
    Need an update fix!!!