Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Boot cover and a bit more trimming

A while ago I made a wooden pattern of the rear boot cover and then I designed a 3 piece solution and then fabricated 3 ali panels. The left and right will be rivetted and the centre panel will be riv-nutted to allow access to all the mechanicals in the back, after that a vinyl hood type cover will be placed on top .....

Ive shown before my idea/solution for my gear gaiter and today I bonded it whilst finishing a couple of other bonding jobs. The sealant doesnt last once you've opened it so it pays to line up a few jobs as its expensive stuff.

One of my least favourite of the standard Zero parts are the front indicators. They're minging! AND you need to fit extensions to make sure they pass IVA......

THEN to add to the minging factor they need shrouding to make them compliant with the IVA radius test (sharp edges) so Im using peugeot 205 steering gaiters.

Trust me this whole set up will 'fall off' the night after IVA and be replaced with some nice Gucci superbike ones.

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